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Face-Off With Cyber Security Expert Sanjay Sahay (IPS)

The ubiquitous nature of cyber security demands emanate from the realty of an all dependent world of internet, literally anything under the sun directly or indirectly would fall under this mechanism.  Technology is racing to become mankind’s DNA in today’s knowledge-driven world. Transformation changes demand transformational answers. We have not only to match the hackers but to race ahead of them. Terrorism and cyber security happen to be the biggest challenges facing nations today. Countries need to gear up to deliver a safe and secure cyber world.


With this in mind, this multidisciplinary workshop titled Cyber Security - A Challenge to Mankind by Mr. Sanjay Sahay (IPS), ADGP, at Police Computer Wing, Govt. of Karnataka will talk on these issues that impact us. The talk will begin at 3.30 pm on June 17, 2015 at R V College of engineering, Bangalore. It is open to teaching faculty, computer & software professionals, senior managers of IT and other companies, research scholars, NGOs and anybody interested in the field of cyber security. This lecture has lots of takeaways which would enrich their professional life and career in the days to come. Nothing is complete with Cyber Security today.


This is part of an Experiential Learning Series (ELL) that was launched on May 19, 2012 with the noble intention to disseminate top class management learning to the teaching, student and practitioner’s fraternity.

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