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Content Marketing & Design


In a competitive market, buyers are looking for more than just a shop window — they want to read, learn and be inspired. Clear, concise text creates a website that customers want to visit, while expert information creates confidence. Drawing on your existing strengths, we can help your company to find a voice that your customers will want to hear.


Market Research


Crucially, because everyone involved with Media Kindle is an expert in their own field, we can create combined packages of outstanding research quality to meet the needs of your business growth.


Conference Event Design


Suffix to say that there are conferences and conferences! But then there are very few conferences that call for action. We'd like to identify ourselves with the latter.


Green PR


At Media Kindle we love small businesses, especially those that share our sustainable, socially-conscious ethos. If you are a retailer of 'green' products, a charity, or an urban community project we'll often work at a reduced rate. Also, since the team write for a wide range of publications, we'll always give our customers a mention in print where possible.




When it comes to the final draft, we believe that perfectionism is a good thing. At Media Kindle, we are committed to getting it right. We have extensive editorial experience, having worked for a number of major publications such The Times of India, The Economic Times, The Financial Express in various capacities and headed IBM's Technical Publications Division.


What we offer


• Editorial consultancy on any of our expert subjects


• Sub-editing to ensure on-the-page quality


• Re-writes of technical articles for a general audience


Articles & Features


A writers' job is to keep the reader hooked, right up to the last word. For this reason our stories, articles and features are written with your intended audience in mind. Before we put pen to paper, we always take time to find out what makes your readers tick.


So, whether you are a busy editor on a deadline, looking for an expert contributor or simply wanting a fresh perspective - give Media Kindle a call. We'll surprise you.


The Media Kindle team write on a number of topics - far too many to list here. The list below is simply a snapshot of our specialism. IT Security, Homeland, Homeland and Defence Security, Real Estate, Travel, Lifestyle and more.