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India's ‘Smart Cities’ Pitch at Hannover

One of the key challenges for India to grow at 9 to 10 per cent per annum is the challenge of urbanization. According to a recent study, India will have 700 million people getting in the process of urbanization by 2050 and therefore the challenge for India is to create two and a half Americas by 2050 and do it in a far more innovative and sustainable manner.

Urbanisation is now a global megatrend and by 2050, around 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world is expected to be urbanised. Rapid urbanisation is putting a strain on the infrastructure, environment and social fabric of cities. The new Indian government has taken cognizance of this accelerating expansion. Investments required to stabilize, augment as well as build a robust urban infrastructure are at the forefront of the government’s current agenda.

This sentiment was echoed in the inaugural address at a seminar on "Smart Cities - The Urban Challenge" by Amitabh Kant, secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India at the ongoing Hannover Fair.

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