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Jai Ho! Jaipur to be a Smart City

Jaipur will now embrace the benefits of connectivity and digitisation to transform itself into a Smart+Connected city. The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has chosen to develop smart city infrastructures that will improve the efficiency and quality of services received by its 3.5 million residents and over 40 million tourists who visit the city every year. With this launch, Jaipur becomes one of the first state capitals in India to showcase a comprehensive roadmap to become a world-class smart city.

JDA will set up the digital infrastructure to offer citizens amenities including connected transport, interactive kiosks, wireless broadband, safety and security services, traffic management and environmental updates. The organisation will install an urban platform of sensors which allows for the sharing of information, giving added value to citizens. JDA will also set up a Command and Control Centre as well as a Response Control Room to manage the city with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The Digital India program of the government is focused on the digital empowerment of citizens, where infrastructure will be offered as a utility to every citizen, governance and services would be on demand, and citizens would be digitally empowered.

Cisco is on board for this transformative project and Cisco will help enable a city as historic as Jaipur become one of the first and most ambitious city-wide brownfield smart city projects in India. 

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